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Whether you have attended church your whole life, occasionally, or have decided to attend church for the first time, entering the doors of a church you are unfamiliar with can feel awkward, intimidating,or downright scary.  You probably do not know most or any of the people at church, and are unfamiliar with what goes on in a church service.  You may be wondering, "What will people think of my appearance?"

Don't worry.  You will find the people who attend Bible Baptist Church welcoming and caring regardless of your appearance, race and culture, and how much you know about God, the Bible and church.  We are very excited that you desire to attend our church.  It is our privilege to meet you.  Our number one priority is to be an encouragement and a source of help for you.  We want you to come as you are and leave changed by the truths of God's Word.

Each Sunday, we have Bible school for all ages at 9:30 am, morning service at 10:45 am, and an "Apollos" Bible study at 5:00 pm.  We also have a men's and ladies' Bible study and prayer groups on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm.  There are various monthly, bi-weekly and weekly Bible studies such as College and Career, Girls of Purpose, children's Bible club, and teen youth group.  For a full list of services, Bible studies and events, please see the "Schedule & Events" page of our website.

For children four years old and younger, the church has a clean and safe nursery staffed with ladies who are loving, kind and gentle.

Our church services are traditional--not for the sake of tradition, but because of our unashamed belief in God's authoritative and sufficient Word which guides how we worship God and best serve those attending church.  We sing hymns and conservative, contemporary songs.  The majority of Pastor Brian Demers' Bible messages are expositional because he believes that this is the best method for spiritual growth.

We emphasize our Biblical belief embodied in this truth:  "Jesus died for me."  When God's children understand the full meaning and ramifications  of this truth, each one will love Jesus, acknowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ is the boss of his or her life, and seek to please Jesus by willingly and faithfully obeying His directives which are found in the Bible.  

​​Our location is 4431 Middle Settlement Road in New Hartford, New York, 13413.  We are located one-half mile from the Seneca Turnpike (Route 5), and about fifteen minutes from the New York Thruway (Interstate 90).

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